Palazzo verde

Belgium's greenest residential building

Palazzo Verde was a first in our country for several reasons. Not only is the building the first Belgian design by the famous Italian architect Stefano Boeri, it is also perhaps the greenest building in our country and the first to make a significant contribution to purifying the city's air.

Unique building

Timeless architecture brimming with greenery

Palazzo Verde clearly bears the architect's style: a pared-down, timeless architecture with trees and plants fanning out, as it were, across the cascading facades. A vertical urban forest, providing more green space in the city and a greater quality of life for residents. 

Livability is completely central to this building: In addition to three collective roof gardens and large balconies, Palazzo Verde also has a spacious 360m² interior garden. Thus, all the apartments are connected to greenery.

Did you know that all the apartments in this building
have a terrace at the front and at the back?

David Chipperfield Architects
  • 60

    number of trees on the building

  • 54

    number of shrubs and plants on the building

  • 7

    amount of CO² removed by the building from the air per year

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