Schelde 21

To the rhythm
of the flow

An entry staircase in natural stone, a sleek facade with warm wood accents and a noiseless sliding glass door that opens onto the spacious lobby. In the reception area: more natural stone, woodwork and an impressive window that continues through an opening into the spa area with sunken garden and terrace. The assisted living apartments of Schelde 21 are conceived as spacious apartments in a stylish building that has the atmosphere of a boutique hotel.

Schelde 21 was integrally designed by Vincent Van Duysen. He permeated his coherent vision and unerring sense of aesthetics throughout the project, taking charge of both the architecture and the interior.

Apartments with service

Stylish living
with services

  • Architecture by Vincent Van Duysen
  • Spacious and bright assisted living apartments
  • Large terraces with a view of the Scheldt or inner garden
  • Indoor pool, wellness, exercise studio
  • Indoor garden with patio
  • High quality finish with luxurious materials

Did you know that the name Schelde 21 was inspired by the building's house number?

All the building numbers on Ledeganckkaai are odd, yet this building was initially given number 20. After the city intervened, the house number was changed to 21 and we also used it in the official designation.

"I like to eliminate. Reducing certain forms and going to the essence of those forms."

Vincent Van Duysen

The vision of Vincent Van Duysen

Vincent Van Duysen considers himself a modernist pur sang. He swears by simplicity, purity and serenity and is known for his preference for pure lines, archetypal forms, natural materials and earthy colours. His work is timeless and honest. For Schelde 21 he also went in search of the essence.

"For Schelde 21, I was inspired by the Scheldt River, by warehouses and quay walls. The design is robust and timeless, with a grid structure and honest materials such as natural stone and wood. Referring to the life of the past, to diligent, honest craft. Natural materials like white limestone and wood give Schelde 21 a timeless character."

"I wanted to go back to the essence, create an atmosphere of security and serenity. To achieve this, exterior design, interior design, landscape design and even product design must coincide. Only when all the details are one, total harmony is achieved. And I absolutely wanted to create that for Schelde 21. The choice of materials, the design of the furniture, the incidence of light and the layout of the rooms, everything is designed to give the residents a sense of calm and balance, of safe security. A sense of coming home."  

Central location

Living in Schelde 21, is carefree enjoyment and getting everything out of life. Thanks to the excellent services, extensive facilities and no-obligation activities, every day here feels a little like being on holiday. The views over the Scheldt are unparalleled and the location is very central, within walking distance of shops, a bakery, supermarket and all amenities.

view of the the garden in Schelde 21

Sunken garden

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