Nieuw Zuid

The new neighbour(hood)s of 't Stad

Although Nieuw Zuid is still very new - the first residents moved in in 2015 - it seems like the neighbourhood has always been here. The architectural look fits the artistic Zuid like a glove. The friendly atmosphere completely typifies the art of living of the Antwerp people.

With each new shop, gallery or restaurant, the number of visitors grows. With each piece of park and each new building, there is more life in the neighbourhood. Delightful neighbourhoods in a district that immediately feels like home.

The greenest district of Antwerp

The greenest district of Antwerp

Get out and about in Nieuw Zuid

Those who want to feel the soul of the neighbourhood and grasp the architecture should do so while walking. You can even do this virtually, with the route outlined below. Each number represents a building and is followed by a brief explanation of the architect, his vision and additional information about the building.

Archiwalks: architecture walk through Nieuw Zuid

Ready for the real thing? Download the Archiwalks brochure or get your free booklet at one of the distribution points, and start your interactive architecture walk through Nieuw Zuid. Don't forget your smartphone!

Brochure distribution points

  1. Barchel
  2. Buur
  3. Den Tripel
  4. Café Scheldeman
  5. DOSE
  6. Triple Living-kantoor
  7. Dellafaille
  8. Circuit

Archiwalks brochure cover

  • 682

    Trees in the park

  • 1030

    Completed apartments

  • 19

    Completed buildings

Nieuw Zuid Antwerp

Close to everything!

All roads lead to Nieuw Zuid

Nieuw Zuid is extremely accessible, both by car and public transport. Tram and bus stops are within walking distance. It is a five-minute bike ride to Antwerpen-Zuid station and a ten-minute cycle to Centraal Station. The site itself is located in a shared-car zone and is equipped with Velo stations. By car it is only a few minutes to the Ring Road, with easy access to Brussels, Ghent and the Netherlands.

  • On foot to the supermarket, bakery, butcher
  • Bustling neighbourhood with restaurants, cafes, museums, shops
  • Ten-minute bike ride to the Grote Markt and Centraal Station
  • Tram and bus within walking distance
  • Five minutes by car to the Antwerp Ring

Make an appointment

Living or investing in Nieuw Zuid? Curious about what the site has to offer? Make an appointment and together we will look at the possibilities.

Also live in the green?



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