Beacon in the city

Each facade of this building is adapted to its surroundings with the unique view as its central focal point. Deep terraces are located on the south side, shielding the apartments from the bright sunlight while providing a beautiful view of the park. Apartments overlooking the river and city will have higher living spaces that embrace the grandeur of the view and balconies that catch the morning and evening sun. The penthouses, in turn, are double the height, with huge expanses of glass, making the space completely blend into the landscape.

Magnificent views

Unparallelled living

  • Architecture by DRDH Architects
  • Apartments with 1 to 3 bedrooms, penthouses and duplexes
  • Central location on Nieuw Zuid
  • Exceptional views over the Scheldt, park or city
  • Own rental and management service
  • High quality custom finishing

Did you know that ZICHT changes as you walk around the building? Each facade has its own identity, adapted to the surroundings it faces.

“ZICHT has hues that change with light and weather. That way it looks as if the tower was part of the sky.”

DRDH Architects

The vision of DRDH Architects

For DRDH Architects, architecture goes beyond trends. Founders Daniel Rosbottom and David Howarth, who are still active in the firm as architects, want to construct buildings that last. Their designs occupy the middle ground between recognisability and alienation, between similarities and differences with the surroundings.

"For us, architecture is not a fashion statement. We want to produce designs whose quality increases with the years, with buildings that really become part of the city. We don't want to bring trends, but buildings that reflect the character of the city. ZICHT must become a benchmark for the people of Antwerp. If they recognise and take the tower into their hearts as something that radiates 'Antwerp,' we have designed a good building."

Architecture that catches the light

The renowned DRDH Architects, who have won a string of international awards, were guided by the surroundings and the view for their design of ZICHT. The result is a unique architecture, with a building that seems to capture and reflect light. ZICHT has a strong urban feel, but is also calm and serene, with hues that change with the weather, making the tower almost part of the sky.

ZICHT Nieuw Zuid

Distilled architecture

Currently for sale

All buildings in Nieuw Zuid are designed by award-winning architects, who have come to the fore with innovative and visually powerful designs.

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