Living green, in the middle of the city

The innovative and eye-catching Zuidertuin was designed by Robbrecht and Daem architecten, one of Belgium's leading architectural firms.

Sleek design

Striking jagged facades

Eye-catching features include the jagged facades and winter gardens, a contemporary interpretation of the traditional veranda.

The jagged facade had as its premise the ability to look at the Scheldt from various angles. The distinct facade, winter gardens, and refined wood window division, exude a certain warmth and homeliness. 


Did you know that Zuidertuin took its name from the large rooftop garden? There, residents and visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the Scheldt and the city.

"We wanted to use the roof as a kind of panoramic floor. It is the perfect place for residents to get to know each other better."

Robbrecht en Daem architecten

The vision of Johannes Robbrecht

The Scheldt is an important element for Antwerp, and the architects took this into account in their design. Zuidertuin is not the only design by Robbrecht & Daem on Nieuw Zuid. Zuiderhuis and Huis aan de Kade were also designed by the same architectural firm. In the other designs, too, you can see that the connection with the Scheldt is an important factor: there, too, the curves recur in the facade.

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All buildings in Nieuw Zuid are designed by award-winning architects, who have come to the fore with innovative and visually powerful designs.

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